Youtube Launched New Feature for You tube App | You tube updates for Mobile

YouTube has introduced a new feature in its mobile app, so users can now share videos between tabs that look like Instagram’s Chat Interface among their friends and family. Along with this, there will be a private chat option, which will allow users to chat. Youtube has begun beta testing of this feature among some users last year.

This feature was released for Canadian users at the beginning of the year and now this feature has been rolled out for all users. However, these features are only for smartphone users and it has not been released on the desktop. With the help of this chat feature, users can also invoke other users to use this feature. This feature can also be group chat with 30 participants.

Text, emoji, video links, and clips can also be shared in this chat tab. Users in this chat feature can share videos and discuss it. However, these first YouTube videos can be shared in any instant messaging app. But it seems that the company wants to limit this sharing to its app.

Users can view it in the bottom of the app as a shared tab with Home, Trending, Subscriptions, and Library. This feature has been started on the basis of people’s response. However, the scope for its success may seem a little less because, with the already existing Instant Messaging app, this feature will have to face tough competition.

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