You can never Block these People on Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan can not be blocked on Facebook. Their profile was blocked very often, due to which this Facebook has taken this step. When people do not want to see your posts, they either unfollow you or you’ll stop following or block you.

But if you press the block button on both of these profiles, then you will get a ‘block error’ message back, which means that there is a problem blocking Zuckerberg and Priscilla, so you try again. Zuckerberg keeps on constantly releasing news about his personal life and program on his personal Facebook page.

Facebook’s co-founder and maquis Mark Zuckerberg became the father of the daughter for the second time. Zuckerberg gave this information through his Facebook account. Mark also shared his daughter’s family photo with Facebook. Facebook’s chief has written a letter to Facebook in the name of his daughter, where he called him “August”.

In a letter written in August, Zuckerberg wrote that both I and your mom are very excited. Even when your sister was born still we wrote a letter to the world. Now you are born, you will live in a world where you will get a better education, diseases will be reduced, strong community and better quality.

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