This malware can steal your banking Data Like – Card Detail, Personal Detail

Most hackers and cyber criminals steal your debit credit card information through the banking app. But hackers are now targeting other apps than the backing app, where the information related to your banking is recorded.

This time the banking trojan has recently been added to the ransomware which stole the information and locked the user files. This Trojan can steal the details of Uber and other applications. The custards save the card details for the recharge in the app.

The security researchers at cyber security firm Kaspersky Lab have found this banking trojan named Faketoken, which spreads primarily to Android. It stole the banking information recorded in the non-banking app. From details of debit credit card details to other details. This banking trick named Tekken Fake can track the application. Through the phishing, the app records the banking information attached to it.

The most surprising thing is that the user interface of this trojan is exactly the same as the other apps, so customers can dodge.

The most dangerous thing about this malware is that after downloading it can listen to the conversation made with the phone. Once downloaded, your smartphone’s information converts to hackers.

To avoid such hazards, you need to use your smartphone with caution. If you use your smartphone to use a third-party software, then make sure that they are taking some of your information. Also, do not download any apps from publishers who are not validated. Because most malware comes only from unsupported apps.

To avoid the Android banking Trojan, go to the security settings of your smartphone and close the Unknown Sources option. If you use the premium anti virus in mobile, you will be safe, because free anti-virus often employs malware itself.

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