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Apple’s next iPhone launch just a few days left On September 12, the company will launch three new iPhones at an event. For this reason, the iPhone is offering offers on its many phones in India.

E-commerce website PettyMall offers discounts up to Rs 15,000 on iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. Although this is Limited Period Offer, seeing this, the company wants to sell the old iPhone soon before the iPhone 8.

iPhone 7 Plus

The price of the iPhone 7 Plus 32GB Gold variant was Rs 72,000 and now it is available under the offer of Rs 51,339. There is a discount of 41 per cent on this discount of Rs 10,500. However, its silver variant will be available in Rs 51, 370 only. The iPhone 7 Plus 128GB was priced at Rs 82,000, but now the offer is available only in the Rs 57,599. The iPhone 7 Plus 256GB is getting just Rs 68,999.

iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 128GB price is 65,200, here at discount it is available at Rs 47,990. iPhone 7 32GB everyday Gold is available at Rs 39,599. Its price is 56,200 rupees. The iPhone 7 128GB is priced at 80,000, but it can be purchased for Rs 60,898. The black version of this variant will be available at Rs 62,099

iPhone 6S Plus

iPhone 6S Plus 16GB discount is available at Rs 37,299 The device is currently out of stock, the same variant of iPhone 6S Plus is available in Gold Color for Rs 38,299. The same model’s space gray variant is getting at Rs 40,990.

iPhone 6S

16GB Gold, Space Gray and Silver Variants of iPhone 6S are also getting discounts. Extra cashback up to Rs 3,700 with a discount of 5 per cent is also being given.

iPhone SE

The prices of the smallest iPhone at the present time have also decreased. It’s 16GB variant is available for Rs 20,000. While its price was initially 39,000. It has more than 40 percent cash back, which is why its prices seem to be lower.

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