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Many times this happens when the necessary contacts are deleted from your smartphone. In such a situation, it becomes very difficult to regain those contacts in their smartphones. To avoid this problem, you can save your iPhone contacts in such a place from where they are not deleted. For this, you can save your iPhone’s contacts in Gmail’s contacts. But saving your contacts from Gmail to your iPhone is not that easy. So today we will tell you the easy way here.

1. First tap on your iPhone’s Settings icon.

2. Tap icloud to go to icloud settings.

3. Enable contact sync with icloud. Check that the ‘Contacts’ category is enabled or not. This will ensure that your icloud account is always synced with the iPhone.

4. Go to, enter your Apple ID credentials and click on sign-in.

5. Click on the Contact Icon.

6. Select a contact. Also, you can use Ctrl + A (on PC) or CMD + A (on the Mac) to select all the contacts.

7. Click the settings gear icon on the bottom left.

8. Select the export V-card. After this, a .VCF will download.

9. Open Gmail contacts. If Google sends you to Material Design version (which is in a thick blue banner) Go to the menu and click on “Go to the old version”.

10. Click on Import Contact in the left menu. If you do not see them, drag the Hangouts menu down by clicking and

11. Choose the file.

12. Select the file that you just downloaded from iCloud and click on Open. It may be saved in the “Downloads” folder of your PC or Mac.

13. Click “Import” to bring your contacts to Gmail. After a quick upload, your contacts will be available in Gmail’s address book.

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