Google Pixel 2 And Google Pixel 2XL Launch Tomarrow | Price, Features and Specification

Google’s biggest event of this year will be held tomorrow by Google. In this event, the company will launch its flagship smartphone Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL. During this time, the company can launch some new products too.

Apple and Samsung’s flagship Smartphone has come in the market and now the way for Google is not easy. Because there have been a lot of revolutionary changes in the iPhone X and whether or not this kind of changes will be seen in Google’s new pixels is a big question.

Photos of Google Pixel 2 are leaked and shared by Twitter by Ivan Blas. Apart from this, many of its pictures and specifications have been leaked earlier. This photo shows a covered phone which is quite large. But back panel can also be seen in the second leaked photographs.

The Ibeck panel is dual-toned, but it does not show dual cameras which have become trendy in flagship smartphones. The leaked image It is clear that the display in the Google Pixel 2 XL will be of Aspect ratio 18: 9. Apart from this, there will be 16: 9 aspect ratio in the second variant and 5 inch full HD display will be given in it.

Changes can also be seen on the home screen i.e. this time the new launcher will also be launched. It has a back glass finish i.e. this time wireless charging support can also be found. The Google Search bar on the Home screen was the last time upwards, but this time it can be seen below. Obviously, there will be Android 8 Oreo and it will not have any Bluetooth ware in it.

Not just designs and photos but its prices are also leaking. According to a report from Droid Life, the price of pixels will be $ 649 (about Rs 42000), while its 128GB variant will cost $ 749 (about Rs 49,000). Price of Pixel 2 XL will begin at $ 849 (Rs 55,750) and price of $ 949 will be the price of its 128GB variant. That is, this time the company will launch a precious smartphone like the iPhone X because the price of the iPhone X is $ 999.

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