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Google Launched a New Features in Voice Search

Veteran Technology Company Google has so far provided voice search feature in English and Hindi but now you have added eight more Indian languages ​​including voice search feature Bengali, Malayalam and Tamil.

In these languages, now only you can search online content by speaking words. The company has added eight new languages ​​including Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Telugu and Urdu from today.

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Google’s Technology Program Manager Dan Van Iss gave this information to the reporters through a video conference. He said, from today onward, those who speak these languages ​​will also be able to find answers to their questions by speaking on Google through the GPS and the Google app on Google.

That is, they will not have to write their desired search. He said that for voice-based search features, users need to set their language in the Google Voice’s Voice settings menu.

He said that at the global level, we are now supporting Voice Search in 119 languages. Today we are adding 30 new languages ​​to this feature, out of which eight are Indian languages

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