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Social media giant Facebook launched a new video platform. At the moment it is only for small groups. It is quite different from the common video feature. Because it will be replaced by original videos such as Netflix and Amazon Prime and programs. Apart from this, as soon as YouTube, Creators will also be able to create video programs.

Right now Facebook’s Android and iOS apps have a video tab, which will replace this new feature. Video of Popular Video Channel Nas Daily was shown during the launch event. In the coming time, it will be started for media publishers.
The name of this new platform of Facebook is Watch. This video platform feature may be a problem for YouTube.

This new video feature will appear on mobile sites, apps, and TV apps. Some US users will use it, but its testing will continue as well. Facebook can also create some series as well as create an original video by funding the content creator.
Now you might be wondering what will benefit from it. Let me tell you Facebook has made a watch list for episodes. Watch later to see an episode later. These different categories have been created in which the popular videos are being talked about or which are the videos that make people laugh.

Apart from this, there will be a category that will tell you which videos your friends are liking. This feature in India can come up with next year because usually Facebook’s features in Facebook come late.

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