Facebook Launched a Feature for 360 degree Photos Camera App | Upcoming Technology

Facebook has introduced a new feature to expand 360-degree content. At present, users can post 360-degree photos and videos on Facebook. The company has announced a new option in its camera app.

360 Degree Image

Facebook users can click through 360-degree photos. Before that, the mobile had to share with 360-degree photos by using a third-party app.

Actually, you can click 360-degree photos like Panoramic photos via Facebook’s built in camera app. This will go to the news feed in the top of the Facebook app, it will show a 360 photo button. Click here to click pictures like Panoramic mode.

You can select the starting point before publishing 360-degree photos. According to the report, you can also set 360-degree photos taken from this app as your Facebook cover photo.

For professional 360 degree photos and videos, such cameras and smartphones are used, with the built in 360-degree camera. Such content is also created by putting a 360-degree camera with the iPhone. But using this feature of Facebook will not require any third-party 360-degree camera.

Facebook will now give it to Android and iOS users via new updates. In the coming days, if Facebook comes with a 360-degree video recording app, it will not be surprising.

At the moment, the company has not released updates for India, because we did not find this option in the Latest Version Facebook app in iOS.

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