Barack Obama Makes a Record on Twitter | Social Media news

Barack Obama In response to the violence during a rally in Charlotteville, U.S. State of Virginia, 28 million people have liked the tweets made by former US President Barack Obama, which has become the most accepted post in the history of Twitter.

According to, Tweets made on August 12 by Obama have broken the tweet by singer Ariana Grande in reference to the Manchester attack, which received 27 million likes.

Responding to the statement of the late South African leader Nelson Mandela, Obama tweeted, “No person is born to hate someone else on the basis of skin color or background or religion. People should definitely learn hatred and if they can learn hatred then they can be taught to love. Instead of hatred, love grows more naturally in the human heart. ‘

This tweet of Obama has become the fourth most re tweeted tweet, it has been re tweeted more than 11.6 million times. Obama has 9.33 million followers on Twitter, while US President Donald Trump has 3.59 million followers

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